Jesus Makes Me Uncomfortable

When Christians talk about Jesus, they often go on and on about how much Jesus loves them, or comforts them, or makes them feel happy inside. And that’s fair enough. Jesus does all of those things!

But Jesus also challenges us to serve God’s world. And serving God’s world can be very uncomfortable.

Living a life of service is one of the most well-attested pieces of Christ’s life. Jesus himself served other people by teaching, healing and welcoming them into his community, as well as by giving his life on the cross. In the book of Acts, the followers of Jesus continue this tradition by serving people in the same ways, including by offering up their lives when necessary. As a local church, we encourage people to Live Like Jesus by serving the local community. Service is a habit that helps us build God’s Kingdom and grow in our own faith while we make the world a better place.

Yet, not all types of service have the same impact. This month, we are going to examine the ways Jesus serves in the Gospel of Luke. As we do, we are going to consider the significance of service that is With Not For, Hands-On Not Hands-Off, and how serving people with the right spirit changes not only their lives, but ours. So make yourself uncomfortable this month, because, after all, Jesus Makes Me Uncomfortable.

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