Go Away. Often.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my day-to-day routines that I forget the world we live in is bigger than just my home, my office, and my community. So it was a great surprise last Fall when my wife whisked me away on a short road trip to go see a presentation by Josh Gates, who is the host of a TV series called Expedition Unknown, and my favorite television personality. Gates has made a career out of traveling to faraway places, and telling the stories of his adventures. One of the things I enjoy about his stories is he shows how travel can be both challenging and fun.

The trip was a nice break from my normal schedule… and it was fun to spend an evening listening to stories of adventure. That little trek also reminded me how much I love to travel. Sometimes I travel for work, and sometimes I travel just for the joy of seeing someplace new. But, whatever the purpose behind a specific trip, I am always moved by witnessing the glory of God’s creation, the wild places (as well as animals!), and the various cultures we share this world with. You see, to me, travel is more than just something I like to do – there is something deeply spiritual about it. I believe travel opens our eyes to the beauty and vastness of the world, and is genuinely good for the soul.

This June, as the summer vacation season begins, we are going to celebrate the joy – and challenges – of travel. And, while you make your plans for this coming Summer, I want to encourage you all to Go Away. Often.

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