Up and Down

My life has been filled with ups and downs. Over the long course of my experiences, there have been good years and bad years, good months and bad months, good days and bad days. In some moments, I have been able to see God’s presence in the world with absolute clarity. In others…not so much. Similarly, some Sunday mornings I don’t feel much like worshipping God. That may be because nothing seems to be going my way, or because I feel distracted, or even because I am frustrated with the church (hey, it happens).
Yet, even though I am not always in a good mood when I leave for worship, I do pretty much always experience God’s presence on Sunday mornings – and feel better when worship ends than I did when it began. Worship is like a weekly trip to the mountaintop, a place where I know God will be present and waiting for me. There is just something about gathering with people, reading scriptures and singing songs that lifts my spirit, no matter what is going on in the world around me.
So, this June we are going to talk about why we come to worship each week, and how worship can help us center our lives in God. So join us this month, as we reflect on going Up and Down the mountain of praise.

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