A Variety of Gifts – Pastor Ryan Grace

I love putting together puzzles. I’m not sure why, but there is something immensely satisfying about taking all those little unique pieces, searching for the exact place where each one belongs, then joining them in a way that makes a bigger, fuller picture than any of them could be on their own. As I think about my years in ministry, I believe churches are a lot like puzzles. Each one has a number of unique people whom God is calling to do specific things, and, when the pieces fit together the right way, they can accomplish more than any of them could ever hope to do separately. Also, when even one piece is out of place, things don’t seem to work quite right. So, this November we are going to consider how the Spirit gives us all unique gifts for ministry and how we can work together to use those gifts to be Christ’s hands and feet for the world, as we join together to use A Variety of Gifts.
The Pastor Lunches Question What gifts has the Spirit given you?

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