Communication Is a Two-Way Street

At some point in your life, you have probably heard someone say, “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” Whether you know this phrase from the classic film Cool Hand Luke, or have simply heard one of countless people spoof it, most people in our culture have heard it in some form. The truth is it’s a memorable phrase: it is simple, short and to the point. And, almost everyone can relate to a failure to communicate‚ because communication fails all the time! In order for communication to be successful, two things need to happen: someone must send a message, then someone else must receive the message that was intended to be sent. A lot can go wrong in this process! At Maize Manor UMC, our mission is to Live Like Jesus, and that means we are called to WITNESS to all people, just like Jesus did. To be effective witnesses, we all have to learn to communicate. So, this September, while we worship God and offer ourselves to be witnesses to the Kingdom, we’re going to examine how Jesus communicated in his day; we’re going to try to understand some of the ways the church fails to communicate today; and, we‚ are going to discover why Communication Is a Two-Way Street.

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