The Crux Is Simple

Church can be complicated. Counting Maize Manor, I have been the pastor of five churches, and each one has been filled with complications. Churches have disagreements about the Bible; churches argue about long-held traditions; churches have bitter feuds about carpet colors; and most churches do at least some things that just make no sense at all. Somehow churches have become very good at making ministry feel very complicated. This March we will be observing the Christian season of Lent, which is a time when Christ’s followers seek to reconnect with God’s calling for their lives. This year, we are going to walk with Jesus in the gospel of Mark. Along the way, we will watch him teach people to love God, love themselves, and love their neighbors. In fact, when Jesus is asked to name the crux of all his teachings, he summarizes them with the simple command to love. As we follow Jesus on his journey of love, we will see that even though churches might make ministry seem complicated, the truth is The Crux Is Simple.

Bible Readings by Week Sunday 1: Mark 1:40-45; Jesus Cleanses a Leper Sunday 2: Mark 7:24-30; Jesus Heals a Gentile Sunday 3: Mark 12:28-34; Jesus Teaches the Law Sunday 4: Mark 15:33-39; The Crucifixion

Faith and Life Meetings Question for the Month: How do you learn to love God, yourself and your neighbors?

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