The American Spirit: Reservations

Two years ago, my wife and I began making a series of documentary films on the American Spirit.


The concept behind the films is to visit various groups of people within the U.S., so we can learn about their history, their cultures and how they help shape the spirit of our nation.


In February 2017, we completed the first film in the series, which was called Boom & Bust: The Appalachian Spirit. After we left the people of Appalachia, we began to research the second film in the set, which is on native cultures. Over the last 12 months, we have studied native history; we have traveled to native sites; and, we have met with native people. Along the way, we have heard stories of ancient wonders, hidden prejudices, and unexpected joy.


It has been a fascinating journey…and it has challenged some of the things we thought we knew about this land. This February I am going to share my experiences from visiting three native reservations. So get ready for an exploration of history, an examination of prejudice, and a celebration of culture while we discuss The American Spirit: Reservations!

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