How Much Do You Really Know about the World?

About How Much Do You Really Know about the World? One of the great debates of the 1900s was the relationship between religion and science. In the short span of 100 years, our scientific understanding of the world changed in dramatic and challenging ways. The 20th century saw the creation of the computer; the rise of mass energy production; the extinction of rare animals; a changing climate; and humankind’s first small footprints on the moon… as well as the first photo of what the earth looks like from space. Even Today, sometimes it feels like our heads are spinning with all the new information we have learned. It is as though our place in the universe has been moved. Now that we’re 17 years into the 21st century, Many Christians still struggle to reconcile their scientific understandings with their faith. So, this October we are going to explore the relationship between faith and science. We will examine the United Methodist Church’s teachings on everything from animals to space. And, while we’re at it, we just may rediscover our place in the universe… ● Bible Readings by Week ○ Sunday 1: 1 Samuel 2:1-10 ○ Sunday 2: Genesis 2:4-17 ○ Sunday 3: Luke 12:22-31 ○ Sunday 4: Revelation 8:10-12 ○ Sunday 5: Psalm 146 ● Pastor-Led Small Groups ○ The Question for the Month: How do you believe faith and science relate to each other? ● Service Sunday: October 29 ○ October is our One Month to Serve! Each Sunday we’ll learn about opportunities to serve the world through the church – not just for one month, but throughout the year. On Sunday, October 29, we’ll have a Serve Ministries Fair, where you can meet service volunteers, ask questions and get involved!

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