Things I Learned in School

Right now it’s time for students and teachers to go back to school.
Back to school is an exciting time but stressful time. It’s stressful for students who are getting themselves ready to meet new teachers and make new friends. It’s stressful for teachers who are preparing lesson plans and classrooms. And it’s stressful for parents who are doing back-to-school shopping and rearranging schedules to account for the school day.
In the midst of all of this stress, back-to-school is also a time for excitement. Each year presents new opportunities for students, teachers and parents to learn and grow. School makes it possible for people to meet new people, challenge old assumptions, and be stretched outside of their comfort zones. Knowledge is one of the great gifts of life, even though this fact sometimes gets forgotten in the whirlwind of stress that a new school year brings.
As I reflect back on the years I spent in school, I believe school teaches us about more than just reading, writing and arithmetic. The lessons we learn in school are not only about academics; they’re also about life. So, this August, while schools open up for another fall, we are going to talk in worship about things I learned in school. While we do, I want to encourage you to pray for students; pray for teachers; pray for school workers; pray for parents; and pray for each one of us, that no matter what age we are, we may be lifelong learners who are constantly learning more about faith and life.

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