Letting Go

When people worship, they often try to leave their troubles at home. For one hour on Sunday mornings, they pretend everything is good in their lives even though secretly they are struggling.

But I’m not so sure God wants us to leave our problems at home when we worship.

Every time I open the Psalms, I am reminded how hard it can be to have faith during times of suffering. The people who wrote the Psalms often describe (in vivid detail) feelings of abandonment, weakness and impatience with their hardships. Yet, remarkably, they express these feelings along with trust and even praise! Somehow, the psalmists have the ability to wonder why bad things happen to them, while also continuing to have faith in God. And, by the end of the psalm, they always seem to be able to give their pain to God, and let go of the things that have been bothering them.

This June we are going to read from the book of Psalms, and consider what it takes to worship God in the midst of sorrow. So this month I invite you to bring your problems, your struggles and your troubles with you to worship…then give your pain to God, while we experience the power of Letting Go.


6/4    Psalm 150    Praise the Lord!

6/11    Psalm 13    How Long?

6/18    Psalm 28    Strength and Shield

6/25    Psalm 130    Waiting for the Lord

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