Fairy Tale Princesses and the Women of the Gospel

When my oldest daughter turned seven years old, I took her to Disney World to be turned into a fairytale princess. She thought hard about who her favorite princess was. Then, finally, she chose to dress up as Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin, and we had a blast taking pictures of her all around the theme park.


I imagine many people have a favorite princess. From early childhood, fairytale princesses become a part of the stories we are told and the way we experience the world. But we don’t always think very much about the messages we learn about women through these stories. I believe a similar thing happens when we read the Bible. A lot of people remember stories about the women of the Bible from Sunday school, but we don’t always slow down to fully understand what they teach us.


So this May we are going to take a closer look at the stories of women that we have learned about since we were kids. We will study some of the women of the gospel, along with some of the most famous fairytale princesses… and we will seek to understand both the positive and negative messages that are contained in each of these stories. So come join us in worship this May while we learn about Fairy Tale Princesses and the Women of the Gospel!

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