Can Jesus Get a Witness?

I spent the last couple of weeks watching the Olympics on TV.

I think the Olympics are fascinating. I always enjoy watching the greatest athletes in the world compete at the top of their sports, seeing various people represent their home countries, and cheering for the U.S. to win gold. I find the Olympics to be a beautiful representation of the diversity of people.

I believe the Olympics are also a reminder of just how multicultural the world we live in really is. The athletes we have all watched over recent weeks represent a wide variety of worldviews, religions, and beliefs. While this range of human experience is pretty incredible…it can also raise questions about how people who are so different can live together, and what it means to witness to our faith in this multicultural world we live in.

So this September we will raise the question: Can Jesus Get a Witness? I hope you’ll come join us for worship, while we explore how a person in today’s world can talk about their faith.

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