A Single Purpose

One of the hardest things for the people of a church to do is work together for a single purpose.

Churches are filled with so many personalities, so many ideas, so many interests – and even so many beliefs – that it is almost impossible to get an entire church to work hand-in-hand toward one common goal. So I guess it makes sense that all too often churches waste their energy divisively fighting over trivial disagreements when they could be uniting in mission.

But the mission of The United Methodist Church is straightforward; we are told to: “Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” For even more simplicity, I like to summarize our mission with the shorter statement to “Go make disciples.” It’s a beautiful idea, and challenges churches to achieve something spiritually tangible through their ministries.

So this August Maize Manor UMC is going to join together for A Single Purpose. We are going to wonder…What would happen if the people of this church set aside all our differences and focused our attention on the task of making disciples of Jesus Christ?

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