The Lower 48

In the U.S., we are blessed to live in a land filled with beauty.

From mountains to valleys, oceans to deserts, and forests to plains, this country’s landscapes are a testimony to the creative power of God. When I was a child, my family went on summer vacations to travel up and down the east coast. From Florida to Maine, we canvassed all the states to the east of the Mississippi. It is amazing to me how much of a difference there is from the Everglades swamp to the sand of a beach. And, to this day, I continue to have a love for travel. I believe there is something about going to new places – and standing in awe of the richness of the world – that deeply connects us to the presence of our Creator.

This July we will study the story of creation in Genesis 1, and we will celebrate God’s presence in the created world. During the month of July, we also invite you to email your 3 favorite vacation/travel photos to to be part of a slideshow for Sunday, July 31. Come join us in being refreshed by the beauty of creation!

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