Every Tear

This Spring I began meeting with people from the church in small groups to have open conversations about life, church and challenges. (I’m planning to start having more meetings like this in the Fall—so watch for details to come in!) As I have these conversations, one of the most common things to come up is the subject of loss.

Everyone experiences losses in this world: the loss of a job… the loss of a loved one… the loss of health… there are many different types of losses. The truth is the world we live in is a broken place, and most people shed many tears throughout their lifetime. Our faith does not teach us that we will never experience loss; but it does assure us there will come a day when the losses of life will end.

This June we will study the book of Revelation, and explore the promise that God will create a new heaven and a new earth, and wipe away every tear from our eyes. On Sunday, June 26, we will also have a special healing service at 10:30a.m., for anyone who wishes to join together for prayer. Come join us to be renewed in strength while we all face the losses of life together.

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