May is a very busy month…

This year, May 8 will be Mother’s Day, a day when we celebrate the women who shape our lives as well as the world we live in. The next Sunday, May 15, will be Pentecost Sunday, the day we remember the “birth” of the early church and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Then, the Sunday after that, on May 22, many people will be going to graduation parties as another school year wraps up. And, finally, May 29 will be Memorial Sunday, a day when we honor those who have given their lives for the U.S., along with all military veterans. That’s a lot of special days for one month!

As I reflected on the many special days of May, I felt led to do a set of sermons on the Women of the Bible. Part of what spurred the idea was Mother’s Day; but, it also seems fitting with the many milestones, transitions and heroes we celebrate on each of the special Sundays. So this May we will explore some of the women whose stories we learn about in the Bible—some are heroes, some are ordinary people…and one is most well-known for eating a forbidden fruit. In the end, many of them are flawed people who somehow overcame the challenges they faced, and managed to leave a lasting impression of faith for countless generations. I believe their stories are worth being told, because they give us people to look up to, people to see ourselves in, and people to inspire us to overcome the challenges and obstacles we face in our day.

So Come Worship with us this May. Let’s celebrate the many holidays of the month together, and look to the Women of the Bible for faith and wisdom.

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