A Big Scary Place: What if you just turned back?

August and September are an important time of the year for many families. These are the days when school comes back in session.

That means there are countless kids, parents, teachers, and administrators in the midst of a very anxious time right now—because, while going back to school can be exciting and fun, it can also be stressful and worrying. The world can look like a big scary place to kids. Many children experience a lot of anxiety around the beginning of school. I remember wondering what it was going to be like to have a new teacher, a new class, and new subjects. Every new year brought both promise…and fear.

This September we are going to talk about fear. How fear makes us timid. How fear holds us back. How fear makes us unwilling to let go of the past and step out into the future. We will learn about the book of Exodus, and how fear played a part in so many of the things that happened when the Israelites were escaping from slavery. Fear affected Moses’ mother, Moses himself, the Pharaoh, and all the people of Israel. And each of these people reacted to their fear differently. Some overcame it…and some wanted to just turn back. So we are going to ask the question: What would happen if every time we grew afraid, we just turned back?

The world may be “a big scary place,” but one of the phrases that shows up over and over again in the Bible is: “Do not be afraid.” This month we will be talking about how to face our fears. We invite you to join us for worship as well as for Bible Study, while we learn how to trust in God and overcome our anxieties.

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