You Don’t Have to be “Fixed” to be Whole

Many people struggle with faith when bad things happen in their lives.
​Though faith can be a great blessing in the midst of life’s struggles, it can also be particularly challenging for Christians to understand why things go wrong. People often ask: If God is good, and if God is all powerful…then why do bad things happen to good people? This is a question that has never been completely resolved in Christian teachings. The truth is we don’t always know exactly why things happen the way they do.
But even when our lives are filled with brokenness, we can still trust that God is with us. So this June we are going to study the Psalms of Lament. The Psalms of Lament are a specific type of psalm that express a mixture of trust, brokenness, searching, and, in the end, hope.
While we explore these psalms, we will reflect on the reality that even though people sometimes (usually!) want God to just fix everything in their lives, God can actually be present with us in our brokenness. In fact, sometimes we experience God’s presence the most powerfully not when we get what we want…but when we feel the Spirit’s comfort, and know the reassurance that God will be with us no matter what happens. It is in these times when we realize you don’t have to be “fixed” to be whole.
To go along with this set of messages, I’d also like to invite you to read some of the psalms throughout the week. The following list includes the message titles for each Sunday, and a list of 5 suggested psalm readings for each of the weeks of June:

Sunday, June 7
The Message:​A Broken Spirit
Suggested Readings for the Week:
Reading 1:​Psalm 44
Reading 2:​Psalm 60
Reading 3:​Psalm 74
Reading 4:​Psalm 79
Reading 5:​Psalm 80

Sunday, June 14
The Message:​Attacked
Suggested Readings for the Week:
Reading 1:​Psalm 17
Reading 2:​Psalm 3
Reading 3:​Psalm 5
Reading 4:​Psalm 35
Reading 5:​Psalm 109

Sunday, June 21
The Message:​Forsaken
Suggested Readings for the Week:
Reading 1:​Psalm 38
Reading 2:​Psalm 6
Reading 3:​Psalm 41
Reading 4:​Psalm 88
Reading 5:​Psalm 116

Sunday, June 28
The Message:​Blessed
Suggested Readings for the Week:
Reading 1:​Psalm 22
Reading 2:​Psalm 23
Reading 3:​Psalm 28
Reading 4:​Psalm 139
Reading 5:​Psalm 150

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