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When I became the pastor of Maize Manor UMC, there was a long chain of events that took place. For a stretch of time it felt like each new day brought another new thing I realized was going to change my life. One of those changes was the house my family and I live in. While serving at Church of the Messiah, we lived in a parsonage owned by Messiah. When I was reappointed to Maize Manor, that meant the whole family was going to need to move. So, at the same time as I was getting started here at work, we were also searching for a place to live. For weeks Mariellyn, Will and Eva all spent many hours researching various places, which is a different story altogether. Eventually, even with everyone having their own requirements and wish lists, we all agreed on a house to move into. Over these last couple of months, in the midst of all these changes, I’ve been thinking a lot about the house I live in. Not just from a physical standpoint, but from a spiritual one. Something I have definitely learned in the past few months is homes come in many different shapes and sizes, from apartments to duplexes to giant mansions (which, much to Eva’s dismay, were a little bit out of our price range…) The people who live inside a home also vary. Some people live by themselves, some with a spouse, some with kids, some with extended family members…and some with all of the above. But no matter what kind of home we live in, and regardless of whether we live alone or with someone else, we all make choices that affect the spirit of our home. This February we are going to center our worship around the idea of Me and My House. During these weeks, we will reflect on the houses we grew up in, the places we live today, and what our hopes are for the places we call home. More specifically, we will be considering what it means to live in a Christian home in the ever-changing world we live in. The Messages this month will be: February 1 – A House of Faith February 8 – A House of Love February 15 – A House of Hope February 22 – A House of Joy Wherever you live, may the Holy Spirit dwell with you. And may your home be a place where God is alive and active in those who enter. Pastor Ryan

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