This Months Sermon Series


Sermons & Scripture

January Worship: One Month to Welcome and Center Your Life around Hospitality…

Bible Readings

January 6: Luke 5:27-32 The Sinners and the Saints

January 13: Luke 14:15-24 The Entitled and the Outcast

January 20: Luke 16:19-26 The Rich and the Poor

January 27: Luke 22:14-23 The Open Table

Faith & Life:

#Set the Table

o Welcome someone into your home.

o Show care for a family member, friend or stranger.

o Invite someone to sit down for a meal.

Prayer for the Month

“Lord, let us set the table for our loved ones; let us set the table for our friends; let us set the table for our enemies; and let all people feel welcome at our table. Amen.







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